Want to share a cool home product on our “Show & Tell” page? Here is all you need to include in your email for us to consider publishing your submission:

1. Email us a 15-30 second video of product that quickly highlights the key benefits of the product. MP4, .MOV formats or any default video format your phone uses is good. Your product needs to be, well…cool. And a lit humor or wit in your show and tell video goes a long way.

2. Also in your email, please include 1-2 paragraph about the product benefits, along with any other things readers should know, such as if it is trending and who it appeals to.

3. Please let us know where our readers can buy one and price you saw it most recently available for.

4. Include your name as you want it to appear in our Show & Tell, and your email you want us to reach you at to notify you if we accept your product for the Show & Tell.

4. Email all of the above to

Latest Submissions:

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