DIY tiny home guest house home office

This super-cool build-it-yourself tiny home is the ultimate home office or guest room. The Pinecrest Log Cabin Kit by BZB Cabins is available on Amazon can be assembled in hours and is made of high-quality Nordic Spruce for year-round use.  DIY houses are trending and this little house can be used in any way you imagine: home office, garden cabin, pool house, artist’s studio, a hunting or a fishing cabin.

All of the BZB Cabins and Outdoors cabins are complete kits: including floor joists, floor and ceiling boards, wall logs, doors and windows, and a hardware package with assembly instructions. Please note that the roofing shingles are not included with the kit.

Number of Rooms: 1 Inside Floor Area: 123 Sq.Ft Wall Thickness: 1-3/8″ (34 mm) Inside Dimensions: 13′ x 9’10” Outside Dimensions: 13’9″ x 10’6″ Overall Dimensions: 16’4″ x 11’6″ Height of the Wall: 92″ Overall Height: 11’3″ Window Dimensions: 4 x 35-1/2″ x 48-1/2″ Door Dimensions: 44-7/8″ x 73-1/4″ Floor Boards Thickness: 23/32″ (18 mm) Roof Boards Thickness: 23/32″ (18 mm)