Blue light glasses for computer, tv and phone

Blue light is all around us and damaging your retina when you look at your computer or phone for long periods of time. Even sunlight emits blue light. This light strains our eyes and creates all sorts of long-term visual problems. Fortunately, we now have blue light glasses, and stylish ones at that. Blue light glasses have special lenses that filter out blue light from your phone and computer screens to protect your eyes.

We think the best blue light glasses on the market now are the TIJN Blue Light Blocking Lens with yellow tint, which is much more than a great looking pair of clear stylish glasses with a retro square shape. These glasses can block 100% harmful UV rays and relieve your eye fatigue, especially when watching TV and looking at the computer for hours. Grab a pair now and protect your eyes during the extreme strain you will put on them in your home quarantine.