tv backlight and mood lighting

Are you ready to turn your TV into a real home theater?!? Nexillumi nailed it with their cool and soothing tv backlight and mood light adds a nice pop of ambient light around your TV or monitor screen to drastically improve your viewing experience. You’ll see darker blacks, improved color contrast, and give your eyes some much-deserved relief during your next 6 hour TV show binge.

This latest version by Nexillumi is easier and safer and controlled by both a provided remote and your smart phone. The backlight adopts brighter LED units with purer RGB colors. There is enhanced compatibility and connecting stability with iPhones and android smartphones and new adhesives to help you quickly and easily stick the lighting around the corners of your tube. Ideal for TVs that are anywhere from 43″ to 75″, or just to use as mood or partying lighting anywhere in your home.