Motion and voice garbage can recycling

Where to begin when describing the world’s No. 1 garbage can? This motion activated and voice activated trash has dual chambers to make recycling easy and garbage neat. Just say “open can” or hold your hand near the sensor and the quiet lid opens and closes on it’s own. The 58-liter can is efficient with space, comes with bags and has a handle for the recycling chamber.

Nobody likes germs, so whether you go with the silver or black stainless steel choice, you get invisible fingerprint-proof coating infused with an antimicrobial agent proven to prevent bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew.

No bucket on this garbage can! The liner rim holds the liner in place, so there is no longer a need for an inner bucket. No more clumsy wasteful buckets. This efficient interior is designed for easy cleaning with rounded corners and smooth wipeable surfaces. The outer lid lifts up for easy access to the liner so there is no need to remove the top of the can. When you’re done, it closes over the liner to keep it neatly out of sight. Simply Human has made trash and recycling simple indeed.

Rectangular in design, the can is 36″ tall x 25.8″ side and 14.2″ in depth. We know this sounds silly, but this makes trash and recycling faster, neater and actually fun. The motion activated sensor is excellent and the voice activated “open can” function works very well, even in a noisy, busy kitchen.

There are many price points based on the can size and features, but for this exact model that you must have if you can swing it the costs are more than $200, although we found some on Amazon for as little as $167!