DrinkWorks Home Brew by Keurig

Be your own bartender at home with the Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig. The Single-Serve, premium machine pairs with pods containing alcohol so you can brew your favorite cocktails, spritzers, ciders, brews, and more. Pods sold separately. The bar-quality cocktails are freshly made at the push of a button in 4 to 14oz pours.

Just like any professional bartender, your Home Bar knows how each drink is meant to be made. Drinkworks recognizes each pod to calibrate precisely how much water and/or carbonation is needed. For carbonated cocktails, Drinkworks can carbonate each beverage to order, so every Gin and Tonic comes out beautifully bubbly and undeniably fresh. The machine also features quick cooling technology so your cocktails are cold and there is no worries about shaking or stirring.