If you’re like us, you like to be the one known for giving the cool holiday gifts and most thoughtful gifts. In this covid-19 pandemic year, home holiday gift stuff is the way to go. Whether it’s your mom, dad, significant other, kid, coworker, best friend, or dog, we’ve got you covered.

cool holiday gifts

1. Gifts for Your Wife or Girlfriend

The Best Cotton Napper in the World

This awesome buttery soft, knitted, breathable stress-reducing weighted blanked is the way to any woman’s happiness. Made by Zobi from 100% premium non-toxic cotton with Smart Weight technology comes in a range of colors and uses eco-friendly Glass Beads and hypoallergenic fabrics to provide both the softest and most durable weighted blanket while keeping style and in mind throughout.

Pick it up while you still can on sale at Amazon for $250

Comes in 3 weights and types from a throw to a king size.

Kuerig Home Brew DrinkWorks

2. Gifts for Your Husband or Boyfriend

Drinkworks Home Cocktail Maker Crushes It

Be your own bartender at home with the Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig. The Single-Serve, premium machine pairs with pods containing alcohol so you can brew DELICIOUS cocktails, spritzers, ciders, brews, and more. The machine applies to correct amount of bubbles and ice and temperature to all of its drinks automatically. Pods sold separately. The bar-quality cocktails are freshly made at the push of a button in 4 to 14oz pours. Lucky is the Man who gets this gift!

3. Gifts for Your Pet

Feastoria Automatic Pet Feeder with HD Camera and 4 Meals Programmable Timer and Voice Recording for Dogs and Cats

This automatic pet feeder made from durable and high-quality ABS housing is environment friendly and impact-resistant and super safe for your pet. The unique design appearance makes it not only a pet feeder but also a decoration. The switch on the top cover has been designed to prevent your pets from clawing out for more food and stops them from overeating;

Feed your pets according to the schedule and automatically regulate the perfect amount of food; You can also record your voice to call your pets at their mealtime; The automatic cat feeder has a 2-way microphone and an HD camera that allows you to watch, talk and listen to your pet anytime and anywhere directly from your phone.

cool holiday gifts

4. Gifts for Mom

Softies Women’s Ultra Soft Marshmallow Hooded Lounger (From Oprah’s Favorite Things)

Sure your mom loves her bathrobe, but this incredibly soft, long-sleeve comfortable lounger brings the same comfort with added convenience. Inside the large kangaroo pocket she can stash her phone, reading glasses, or use it to warm up her hands. 

  • 51% Polyester, 49% Nylon
  • Imported
  • Model wears size S/4 and is 5’9″
  • Softies Marshmallow Hooded Lounger is an everyday essential
  • Playfully plush fabric envelops you in casual comfort
  • Loose fit and a 42” length add an easygoing feel
  • A front kangaroo pocket and hooded opening are fun and functional

5. Gifts for Dad

You can’t lose with an Audible gift membership for Dad. 3-6 months of the entire audio book catalogue!

  • The Audible Plus Catalog: All-he-can-listen to; thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, more
  • 1 credit a month good for any title in the app to keep forever
  • Free and easy exchanges for titles
  • All audio entertainment, all in one free app

6. Gifts for Kids

Star Projector Night Light for kids aged 1-14. Stars and moon will make any boy or girl sleep peacefully

Bring the relaxation and stress reductions of the cosmos to the bedroom of your boy or girl for less than $30. This top-rated, beautiful, small device by MOKOQI casts wonders onto your kid’s walls and ceilings to help them fall asleep peacefully. The unit shuts down on a timer and is battery operated and energy efficient. Choose from settings such as color, night light mode and spin and let your child wonder and dream. Also a proven device for stirring imagination, inquiry, creativity and intelligence, but above all, everyone from kids to adults just think it’s cool!

7. Gifts for Teens

A LEGIT Karaoke system teens will have to admit is cool. Features a color display and 2 mics and 300 songs to get the party started!

Your teen becomes the hit of the party they want to be with the GF845 karaoke system. This high-end sleek and modern design is portable and has Bluetooth connectivity. With 2 mics, they can sing duets with their friends as they follow along to the lyrics of 300 songs that display on the built-in 7” color display. They can even save their hits to the included SD card from the included remote control and laugh at the videos of their favorites on the DVD Demo Discs. They will create memories that will last a lifetime—whether they are memories parents will value more or not!

8. Gifts for Relatives

Bring the spa to your relative’s homes with this luxurious Shiatsu massage back, neck, abs and legs massager. Take away their stress and pain with kneading action and heat on this top-rated perfect gift.

When the dust settles after the holidays, your siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and step-relatives will go on thinking about you as they relax with this amazing device for just $54. This top-rated Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager by Zyllion is the perfect gift for relatives. In addition to the back and neck it hits legs, abs and shoulders with muscle-soothing heat and the relaxing kneading of 4 massage notes that enhance blood circulation, reduce pain and ease stress. They can work out those kinks using the many different settings that come with this 100% vegan egonomic massager. It is super thin and compacft and also has a great overheating auto-shut off for safety.

9. Gifts for Friends

These toilet illuminating lights are trending hard; Your friends will love it if they haven’t seen it yet or love to have another one if they already have it!

Since these lights began blowing up a few years ago there are tons on the market now. We recommend this Beanlieve motion-actived toilet light for the quality, range of color and tiny price tag of just $7.69 on Amazon.

Besides making their bathroom a fun, disco-like experience, these motion activated lights are ultra-practical. They help avoid blinding you during late night bathroom visits and help a sleepy guy keep his aim true; But women love them just the same! You might also check out this one we recently featured.

10. Gifts for Co-Workers

Help your colleagues get to work on time and keep their phone charged with this PERFECT Amazon alarm clock/wireless charger.

We’ve seriously looked at hundreds of these, and nothing comes close to this particular alarm clock and wireless phone charger at just $30. It could be double and we’d buy it. It has a stylish wooden design with flat wireless and fast-charging top that works very well. Plus the alarm clock itself features tempature, weather, and up to 3 alarm settings. Also has settings to avoid weekend settings. Compatible with nearly all modern phones like iphones, Note, Galaxy and more.