Since the start of COVID-19 panic and quarantines for much of the world, people have been stuck at home and, in turn, driving at least one sector higher: home goods. A quick examination shows that sales of these trending home products have exploded into five categories: Home office products, cleaning/paper supplies, home health and beauty products, home lighting and consumer electronics. Let’s drill down further to look the popular sub-categories and even a bit of the specific trending home stuff.

Due to most of the world be subjected to home quarantine, hundreds of millions have been forced to accept a new business reality as they are relegated to working at home. In turn has followed the largest home office boon in history. Perhaps working from home was not too far off for workers in the near future anyway, but with the plug suddenly pulled on the commute, everyone took to sites like Amazon and Walmart and Home Depot to quickly establish their new home offices. Some of the specific trending products in this category include: active stools/chairs, blue light glasses, and computer monitors and desks.

The second category spike since early March has been in the cleaning products sector. We are talking about toilet paper and paper towels and hand soap and disinfectants. No surprise and yawn, yawn. The same could be said for home health and beauty products as people try to keep up their looks and stay in shape from home. Workout equipment sales such as weights and yoga mats are also leading the way.

The surprise trending products come from the last two categories. First, home lighting isn’t something that jumps to mind. Sure, people will go through more light bulbs for the home and those new home offices. But specific trending home things here that are surprisingly moving the needle are motion-sensor lighthing products. These include those nightlights that activate at the foot of your bed when you wake up to use the bathroom, as well the hallway motion lights that help you on your journey, and other interesting motion lighting things such as a toilet light.

Finally, in consumer electronics, the top trending product is (get this!)…virtual reality headsets (specifically the Oculus Go and Oculus Quest). The reason is simple: There is no greater form of social distancing while interacting with real people throughout the world than there is through a virtual reality headset. The unit prices keep rising and disappearing from online store shelves as fast as that toilet paper.

For good measure these other products from other categories have also been very popular since March: the Dyson home vacuum, foam rollers, house plants, noise cancelling head phones, sleep white/noise sound machines, tv soundbars and wine openers.