Here’s are some cool home stuff–might we say product(ivity) recommendations–to make you more productive while stuck at home:

Teeth Whitening

1. Why not take this time to white your teeth while home. No excuses, and the leading GLO Teeth Whitening Kit is currently below $120 (50% savings!). Use it just once a day for 32 minutes to remove all stains from coffee and whine to smoking and soda and see results after the first use. Get 8 shades white in a few days and know it’s safe on your enamel. Read our recent write-up review her

2. If you don’t already play guitar, then jump all over this excellent Ashthorpe acoustic-electric complete guitar package all for just $115 and you can exit this COVID-19 pandemic with a great new lifestyle skill that will be a joy to learn in your quarantine. If you always wanted to find the time to learn, here’s your chance…and here’s the correct package for you!

Cool Home Stuff

3. Everybody is foam rolling these days for good reason. The latest research (along with bodywork pros, physical therapists, massage therapists, and personal trainers) point to soft-tissue benefits of self-massage for improvements in muscular flexibility and reduction in stiffness and, yes, even pain. All you need is an Amazon Basics roller for $12.99.

4. If you are sitting in front of tv for hours with a laptop where it’s made to be (your lap), then considering protecting yourself from harmful radiation with this quality Laptop Tray EMF Radiation Blocking Shield from ProShield™. Comes in a choice of 6 colors.

5. Stay active even as you sit and work from home with the Vari Active Seat from Varidesk. You get a dynamic range of movement both standing and sitting with this adjustable and wide-cushioned and stylish seat. You can even go Varidesk to build a complete active and health-friendly office through all their products just as if you worked at the Google headquarters.