The trend of people choosing apartments over houses has been growing consistently over the last decade. The coronavirus pandemic slowed this temporarily, but apartment living will continue to grow again soon, and cool apartment products are blowing up. The reasons are many: homes are not the investment they used to be, and white-picket fence house is not the same dream for younger Americans as it was for their parents. With urbanization as the trend, cities have responded with more restaurants, bars and shops, not to mention more apartment complexes with increasing amenities. In addition to the more appealing apartments, there are, quite simply, many more options. With increased apartment options for renters, prices have remained steady or have fallen during the “rent wars.”

Whether it is your first apartment or your 10th, there are always new and cool apartment products to spice up your pad and impress your guest. For a list of these must-have apartment products click here, or keep reading.

LED lighting
Apartment Living Secrets and Cool, Must-Have Apartment Products

Tricks for Better Apartment Living

There are several proven ways to improve your apartment once you find a great apartment. First off, there are many ways to upgrade your apartment, even if you just rent.

You can upgrade some fixtures (even if you need to replace the originals if you move out) or take some energy-saving measures with lighting and air conditioning or heating. A smart thermostat or window treatments and efficient light bulbs can go along way. Window treatments, house cane plants, quality recycling garbage cans and other such products also help. Naturally you should check your lease and run things by your building maintenance first. They will likely even help you make the changes as long as they can be reversed when you move out.

Avoid the noise! The top complaint among apartment-dwellers is noise. Whether neighbors (or you) party too loudly too late or dogs won’t stop barking, nothing is a bigger buzz-kill to apartment life than noise. Usually a simple anonymous complaint to management will do the trick for noise, even if it takes 2-3 warnings from management.

You could also leave a note or having a conversation with the neighbors in a polite way. Perhaps you can reach an agreement and use noise cancelling devises for the loud times. You should take the same measures for getting word to neighbors regarding pets, and if they leave a loud-barking dog at home, you can buy one of these to use when needed.

Finally, when it comes to noise, the loudest sounds usually come from the streets. Most apartment dwellers in cities prefer a quality white noise machine like this one. After a week, you won’t be able to sleep without one!

Roomates? If you do enter into apartment living with a roommate, the key to successfully and happily co-existing in a smaller space is to set rules and boundaries up front. This pertains to expenses, guests, cooking, organizing to free up space, dividing up chores and keeping clean. One easy way to keep clean is to go with a quality, quick-cleaning Dyson vacuum.

Strive for a cool and comfortable home-like vibe.

Obviously you can’t knock down walls or paint or redo the kitchen, but there are many affordable ways to make your apartment awesome and feeling like home. Check out articles on good design principles and follow key tactics like these:

  1. Use tape LED lighting. Get a lot of cool bang for your buck with the super easy tactic of using LED lighting. Stick it on under cabinets or under bed to give your place a slick look that you and guests will love. For that matter, you can also pick up a TV backlight for just $30 which may just become the coolest thing you own. Besides making any tv show or movie all the more engaging to watch, it also serves as mood lightning for parties or just for you.
  • Storage Central. Two people sharing an apartment can make space essential, so you should free up as much space as you can. To this end, you can use coffee tables and benches that have storage space inside and under the bed space organizers and corner shelves.
  • Use Photos and cool frames like this one to keep your walls funk and your place feeling homey. You should also use lots of mirrors since they create the illusion of much more space and a bigger place. This cool decorative wall mirror goes far in most apartments, and you can also add a floor mirror with a great frame.
  • You may not be able tear up the rugs, but since most apartments have some hardwoods, you can get some great rugs at great prices like this one.

Make the most of your space

Whether you have a roommate or live alone in your apartment, you need to capitalize on the limited space you have, regardless of your square feet. To this end, you can get creative with tables that have storage, hooks, corner shelves, racks and any products that do double-duty regarding space. Your goal is organizing your stuff out of sight or else in a cool way in sight. Also go vertical in apartment design so you can get more space while creating cool home décor.

Must-Have Apartment Products

For a more complete list of cool apartment products check out our must have apartment living page. Here are some great essentials you need:

This killer folding hand-cart for toting groceries and grilling. You will very likely consider this simple but perfect cart as the best investment you ever make for your apartment.

The cheapest and most effective way to instantly upgrade your apartment is with these Armacost LED Tape Lights. They are an easy way to make any and all part of your place look cool and interesting. The lights are thin and flexible for under bed or under cabinet lighting. They are fully dimmable to match any ambiance or decor, and you can cut the strips and reconnect the lighting every 4 inches to customize your installation. The LED tape comes on a flexible roll and are much more sophisticated than using holiday/Christmas lights. If you want sleek and modern for late night entertaining, these are also must have. They provide 400 lumens of light and only require a requires a 12-volt DC power supply, which you can buy along with these LED lights on Amazon here.

For healthy and fast apartment home cooking that doesn’t take up much space, you need this awesome air fryer! With the Phillips AirFyer XL you get delicious food that you can’t believe is healthy, and all need is this fryer and a tablespoon or less of oil. The result is evenly fried food – with no turning needed – even when food is piled up. In addition to the heated air flow, powerful direct heat from above quickly crisps the food for delicious, golden-brown results while draining excess fat.

We love this farmhouse style apartment lift top coffee table that may be the world’s most practical table for your APT. Besides the quality smooth lift top for dining in front of the tv, it comes with 4 easy-gliding drawers for ample storage and comes in several color choices…and if recall, the name of the game for comfortable apartment living is storage and freeing up space!

This Tyler Creek lift top is a quality storage table made of veneers and wood and designed with a two-tone antiqued finish. A versatile table, this lift-top can serve as personal dinner table, workstation or or cocktail table that will be a total social piece among your friends. It measures 46″ wide by 26″ and 20″ in height. Strike now on Amazon while it is available and priced well.

If you don’t want a lift top, we think you will also love this smooth apartment-ready coffee table with storage. The room sofa tabletop has sleek lines and simple silhouettes and measures (43.3” x 23.6”). This industrial coffee table provides smooth wooden surface for working, storage, and display, which can fit well with any furniture style in any living room as a basic home decor, making your home/office space modern and stylish.

The couch is the epicenter of any apartment and you need to get it right. You want to consider comfort, style, color and features. To this end, we think we have found the perfect apartment couch by Bowery Hill. This is a smaller couch that is comfty and heather gray to hide any stains and is very affordable at less than $900. But here’s the real kicker: This comes with a chaise end and it’s also a sleeper couch. At some point you’ll be hosting friends and family from out of town, so need to have a great place for guests to crash. That makes a sleeper bed essential to any apartment. The upholstery covering this sofa bed has a high-end, metropolitan look and so this chaise/sleeper apartment sofa really does check all the boxes for any apartment.