We’ve heard enough about the coronavirus essentials we need like masks and gloves and toilet paper etc, so it’s time to focus on home quarantine products that can help make your home quarantine lifestyle (or Q-Life) a happy one. For this, we have put together a short list of cool quarantine items that will help keep you smiling, happy and having fun.

First off, a PSA—if you arrived here seeking truly necessary COVID-19 medical products, please visit the CDC or WHO websites for for emergency and preventative news and information.

As for our list of cool home products, we aimed for things both quirky and cool to enhance your mental and physical happiness, health and well-being:

1. The item at the top of our list isn’t for everybody, but those who give an Oculous virtual reality headset a shot (regardless of age or gender) will find this to be among the most amazing and cool tech in existence and also the absolutely perfect piece of entertainment for socializing and experiencing the world while practicing extreme social distancing (ie, not leaving your home).

With the Oculus Quest standalone virtual reality headset you can exercise and meditate or watch movies with friends together while seeing and hearing each other as if they were there (but represented by an look-alike avatar), and travel the world (while talking to and pointing places of interest out to friends). All of this thanks to the 6-degrees-of-freedom technology.

You can attend virtual church and book readings that are really happening or going fishing or meditate or a million other things. Whether you are in quarantine along or with others you will feel anything buy isolated once you put this on. It sounds nerdy, but trust us, you want this for your quarantine. The problem is getting your hands on one as they are sold out as much as TP and paper towels in coronavirus age!

2. At just $21.99, the very cool SCMAuto Multi-Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night Light makes trips to bathroom something to look forward to, but most importantly, there is no need to turn on a blinding light for those dreaded 3 a.m. bathroom walks. Comes in 12 colors and makes the bathroom look like a pleasing disco. The toilet light makes trips to bathroom something to look forward to, but most importantly, there is no need to turn on a blinding light for those dreaded 3 a.m. bathroom walks. Comes in 12 colors and makes the bathroom look like a pleasing disco.

3. We’ve tried a million, and this affordable and sound effect-packed MOICO Noise machine is the one we suggest. Lull yourself to sleep with sounds of the rainforest or the sea or simple white noise. Great sound and lots of features at killer cheap price of $21.59!

4. This smooth Herbal Infuser® from Touch of Modern will transform any home or apartment into a fragrant delight for just $100. You can create your own herbal scents and remedies with oils, honey or butter and more with ease and know exactly what you are inhaling. Healthy benefits range from better skin to revitalizing your facial cavities, throat and lungs. A no-brainer, simple way to make any home more appealing from the moment you or your family or guests enter it.

5. This simply ingenious TV backlight with remote control casts beautiful colors at varying degrees of light around your tv and makes anything you are watching seem like the best program on Earth. Amazing addition to your living room for very little cost.

6. Pump up the volume: We are all watching a lot of tv and movies, so this is the time to step up your sound. The way to go is not only a quality soundbar, but also wireless surround sound—the kind that a soundbar alone can’t deliver. For that we present you with the super-well-priced JBL Bar 5.1.

7. Fry up something actually healthy and avoid the Quaratine 15 (as in avoid gaining weight) with the awesome Philips Airfryer XL. Powerful hot air fries your favorite food with a tablespoon of oil. The result is evenly fried food – with no turning needed – even when food is piled up. In addition to the heated air flow, powerful direct heat from above quickly crisps the food for delicious, golden-brown results while draining excess fat.

8. Wine without removing the cork! The Coravin premium wine opener has a specially designed with Teflon coated wine needle made to be gentle on your wine cork and pour wine both quickly and smoothly. You pour wine without removing the cork, you have the freedom to drink what you love – not just the wines you have open. [Read More…]

9. Fall asleep to audio in bed with the stylish and crazy comfortable SleepPhones® Wireless. Drown out snoring companions and noisy neighbors with your music, audiobooks, and other audio for hours without annoying wires or irrating earbuds. Rechargeable with microUSB and designed for happy sleeping.

10. There is not a house or apartment anywhere that can’t benefit from a cane plant (aka corn plant, aka Dracaena Massangeana). This bright, lush and easy-to-maintain, palm-tree-looking plant gives your place a tropical touch, but with a blink of an eye you can make this chameleon can cast any vibe you want.